About Metalcomp

Who are we?

Metalcomp International Headquarters

Metalcomp International is a company with over 17 years of activity, having as main field of activity recovering and recycling scraps and ferrous and non-ferrous metallic waste, paper-carton and plastic.

Starting with 2007, Metalcomp invested in technology for constructions, dismantling and transports, today holding a fleet of 125 vehicles and over 100 containers for container transport.

We insist upon the human factor, this is why in our organizational structure; we have personnel with high professional qualification.
With the help of over 160 employees, we succeeded in building a company with national and international distinction, and working together with important companies from the national and European iron and steel industry, confirms the reliability and the competitiveness of our company.
Technology is important in this field. For this, we invested all our time in technologizing and upgrading, today holding the most performant recycling equipment in the west of the country, some of them, even nationally.

Our values are:
1.Seriousness, because seriousness is the most important advantage that a partner can have.
2.Flexibility,we try to insure perfectly adapted solutions for our customer’s needs, each customer being unique.
3.Advantage for the customerbecause we have integrated solutions (recycling, transport,construction and demolition), so we insure substantial savings for the customer