Metalcomp Social

Environment, our everyday activity

We involve in the future

Being a company operating in the field of recycling materials, we always wanted to be activists of the safety of the environment.

Other companies have this goal, as an objective, here at Metalcomp it is our main object of activity, is what we do every day.

We recycle the materials for a cleaner environment, and, to ensure continuity of generations to come.

Perfection in sports means perfection in business

Competition leads to perfection

Besides environmental implications, we wanted to be part of the social life of the community and our employees.

METALBOX Sports Club of Arad was born in the year 2005, a sports club that promotes talents and ensures an active life for the community.
Boxing, even if it seems a tougher sport, a sport that tests the ambition, power and desire to move on, to be better every day. Perfection in sport also means perfection in business.
This is why we invested in thus field, in order to offer the community the access to sport, the idea of performance in the western part of the country.
The club has a few tens of members, many of them winners at national and European contests.
For more details, visit the club’s web site: